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Online Business Courses


Online business courses are a fantastic way to boost your CV. UK Distance learning has a wide selection of online business courses all designed to boost specific skills, making you more attractive to employers and helping your chances of promotion. Here, we take a look at some of our most popular options. Hopefully this will allow you to get a general impression of what you might gain through studying with us, and give you a better idea of what sort of course you might take up.

Business Administration Courses

Business Administration Level 3

A lot of people work in administration these days. Perhaps that’s why this is one of our most popular online business courses. It’s a common mistake to believe that admin work is easy. But only people who’ve never actually done it tend to believe this. In reality, a job in business administration requires people to have lots of different skill sets, and that’s what this course looks to address. The main focus, of course, is on providing the best possible service to a business’s customers, but there is much more to get stuck into in this course, including market research, working on projects, and decision making.

Human Resource Management Level 3

As the title suggests, this member of our online business course category is most suitable for those who want to work in (you guessed it) human resources. This course would be especially helpful for those people who already have a job in HR, or a related department, and want to start building towards a promotion to a managerial or supervisory capacity. You’ll learn about all the aspects of HR that high level staff need to understand in order to make large-scale, strategic decisions.

Project Management Level 3

Of all our online business courses, this is the one that can be used across most different areas, even outside the confines of business. A good project manager is someone who can organise, plan, and make on the spot decisions with a cool head. Our online course will help you to cultivate all these skills, and much more besides, using scenario-based assessments that will test your ability to manage a range of different kinds of project.

Six Sigma Training

This is slightly different to our other online business courses. Rather than teaching you about a specific area of business, it focuses on teaching you how to use the Six Sigma methodology to improve all areas of a business. This course would be really useful to someone who owned their own business, as well as for employees. The main focus of the  Six Sigma methodology is streamlining. This means cutting out as many no-essential processes in the business model as possible, and allocating resources as efficiently as possible. FYI: This course will help to make sure you don’t end up being one of the non-essential parts of the business!

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