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New Online Business Adminstration Course!

UK Distance Learning & Publishing has just released an all new online and distance learning Business Administration course. It’s one of the qualifications we offer that’s best described as CPD, which stands for Continuing Professional Development. This means that it’s suitable for people who are already in work in an administration role, or who have some previous experience and/or training related to administration. The purpose of the course is to prepare learners to move up into a more senior, possibly supervisory or managerial role within a business or organisation’s admin department.

The course covers a whole range of topics, from basic, practical skills like minute taking and document design/production, all the way through to quite high level administrative responsibilities, such as creating and maintaining compliant health & safety and equality & diversity policies. This breadth of content is designed to reflect the diversity of tasks you may be required to undertake as a senior administrator. The courses assignments are also specifically aimed at challenging you across as many different areas as possible, to give you the best possible opportunity to demonstrate your competence in a variety of key skills. This is very important, as it will give you the opportunity to show your employer, whether in an interview or a discussion about promotion, that you have proven your ability to perform these thing in a way that has been formally assessed.

New Online Business Adminstration Course


Now, if you are reading this and feeling slightly put off because you don’t really feel ready for a supervisory or management role, but want something to help you ‘get on the ladder’, as it were, within the business administration world, then don’t worry. UK Distance Learning & Publishing also offer the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration, specifically designed for people with limited experience of working in a business administration role. This is not a CPD course, but a full national qualification — ideal as a piece of initial training for someone just starting out. It will look great on your CV, and will help separate you out from other entry-level applicants who do not possess any sector-specific qualifications or training.

The level 2 course is very much more focused on the nitty-gritty of day to day administrative tasks, and working cohesively in an office environment. This covers customer services, basic communications like emails, letters, phone calls etc. as well as how to work well with colleagues as part of an effective team. As with the level 3 course, this wide range of topics allows successful students to point potential employers to the fact they have already demonstrated their competence in a set of key areas. This will show them your professionalism, as well as your commitment to working in the field of administration.

Once you’ve completed these courses, it may also be worth thinking about how you can begin to develop your portfolio of skills still further, and perhaps to specialise in one particular area. One area that admin staff regularly move into as their careers progress is bookkeeping and accounting. Often, businesses and organisations will be willing to pay to train existing staff in these skills, as it is cheaper than contracting the work out, or hiring new, pre-qualified staff. The courses they will usually put their staff on are the AAT Accounting courses. These are full national qualifications, ranging from the Level 1 Access course (for absolute beginners), all the way through to the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting (for those who already have quite a bit of experience).

New Online Business Adminstration Course


The brilliant thing about the AAT courses is that they can be studied complete online (barring the exams), and so employers will often allow students to do some of their studying from their work desk — after all, they are going to benefit from your success! Once your qualified, you’ll be able to help your business in a whole variety of new ways, from tax advice, profit projections, feasibility evaluations and more. The brilliant thing about this is that your value as an employee rises substantially, meaning that your pay will (or certainly should!) go up. If not, you’ll be ideally positioned to go out and look for work elsewhere, armed with a new set of knowledge and skills.

In short, whatever stage you’re at in your career, UK Distance Learning & Publishing has an online or home study course that can help to give you the best possible chance of advancement. This is true not only for those of you working in business administration, or bookkeeping and accountancy, but pretty much every sector you can imagine, from gardening to mortgage advice. If you’re interested in anything you’ve read here, or on our website or social media pages, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to talk you through our courses, and see if we can find something appropriate for you and your circumstances.