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Teaching Assistant Courses


UK Distance Learning offers a wide range of teaching assistant courses specifically designed for different kinds of learners. Whether you’re an old hand in the role who wants to learn some extra skills, or a totally newbie who wants a qualification to get their foot in the door, UK Distance Learning should have something for you. In this article we will have a quick look at three of our most popular teaching assistant courses.

Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

This qualification perfect for people who already have a fair understanding of what the role of teaching assistant might entail. Unlike most of our teaching assistant courses, this one requires students to arrange a 50 hour work placement. UK Distance Learning can’t arrange this on behalf of the student, so it is important that if you are considering this option you make sure you find a local school that is willing to take you on as a volunteer.

The course is designed to cover all the major knowledge bases you’ll be expected to be familiar with as a teaching assistant. This doesn’t just mean working with the kids in the classroom. You’ll also learn about the structure of schools, and their place within the wider community. As well as this, you will learn about your role in keeping the children under you care safe.

Teaching Assistant Level 2

Teaching assistant courses are normally aimed at older learners, but this one is a bit of an exception.

Our Teaching Assistant distance learning course gives you the opportunity to take the first step in becoming a Teaching Assistant. By studying the course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and a range of skills enabling you to take part in a wide range of support activities in the classroom. The course will help you gain employment as a result.

If you are already working as a Teaching Assistant, then the course will complement perfectly your hands-on experience.

This course will provide you with invaluable information about the wider educational world and specifically about how teachers have to plan, prepare, deliver and assess. Your role in that process could be critical.

Care Counselling for Children Level 2

This Care Counselling for Children course is designed for people who wish to improve their skills or gain knowledge in child and youth counselling in specific areas of the care facilities.

It will be helpful to anyone who is  or who wishes to undertake any form of caring role which involves children, and provides the skills to provide counselling for those in their care.

The objectives of the course are to enable the student to:

  • Develop an understanding of the value of counseling in a variety of child caring roles
  • Understand a range of ethical and cultural issue related to counselling
  • Develop the skills to offer counseling for those affected by substance misuse, child abuse, HIV/AIDS and grief
  • Develop a range of skills to be able to offer career and vocational guidance to children
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