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Starting a Childcare Business


Lots of our students come to us because they’re thinking of starting a childcare business which is good because one of our specialities is online and distance learning courses in childcare.


Home Based Childcare

Most of the people who contact us about starting a childcare business want to work from home. Rather than setting up a nursery (which is very difficult and expensive) they want to organise something like an after-school club, or a day-care centre. This is simpler than setting up a nursery, but there are still lots of loopholes, and legal obstacles you need to be aware of. These courses would be suitable for someone who is interested in starting a childcare business:


Starting a Childcare Business

What will these courses teach me?

The aim is to teach you everything you need to know about starting a childcare business from home. This includes stuff like health & safety legislation, setting up a business plan, safeguarding children’s well-being, and how to set up your tax arrangements. In addition, having qualifications like these will help to reassure parents who will be trusting you to take care of their kids.

Even you don’t go on to start your own childcare business, you will also build up other important skills. These include: writing academically, organising your time, research skills, communication skills. All of this will make you a more valuable employee, even in roles that fall outside of the childcare sector.

What if I want to work for some else first?

If you are anxious about starting a childcare business, because you think you lack experience, it can be good idea to get some work experience first. Some nurseries or other childcare places will let you volunteer. Others will only take on full staff members. Either way, you stand a much better chance of being accepted if you have some relevant qualifications. These will show employers that you have a good base understanding of the Early Years, which is what you will need if you are working with children under 5.

Starting a Childcare Business