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Online Courses for Young People


UK Distance Learning & Publishing has learners of all ages, but it must be said that a lot of our students are, ahem…older people. This is because online and distance learning is usually most useful for people who are working, or for those who want to get back into education after a long absence. As a result, we don’t make as much of a fuss as we should about all of our online courses for young people! There are many reasons why young people should want to take an online course, but often it’s because they want to get a taste of a subject that their school or college doesn’t teach. In this article we’ll have a look through some of our most popular online courses for young people, and make the fuss about them they deserve.

Working with Children Level 1

This course is fantastic for younger learners. It is intended as an introductory course and will enable students to progress to higher level qualifications required to work in the sector.

The objectives of the course are to enable those who support children’s care activities to gain the skills to:

  • Promote healthy eating
  • Create a safe environment for young children
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Contribute to equality of opportunity in young children’s development
  • Provide a wide range of play activities

Animal Care Level 2

This is one of our most popular online courses for young people. There are loads of careers you can pursue that involve animal care, and many households have family pets, and yet very few schools offer any kind of animal care study programmes. On this course you’ll learn all about the many different species of animal, with a particular focus on common domestic animals that most people will keep as pets. You’ll find out about different diseases and how to prevent/treat them, and you’ll also learn about how certain different animal species came into existence in the first place.

Bookkeeping Level 1 Certificate

This course is suitable if you wish to develop bookkeeping skills for your business, your job or to keep track of finances.

This course is designed to help the student:

  • develop a good level of basic bookkeeping skills
  • prepare for more advanced bookkeeping training
  • acquire the underpinning knowledge needed for Accounting NVQs

These three online courses for young people are fantastic, but they are absolutely not the only thing we have to offer. If you take the time to look through our website you will see loads of thing that might be suitable. (Tip: focus on level 1 and 2 courses – these are equivalent in difficulty to the stuff you learn between year 9 and 11 in the English school system).

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