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Advantages of Distance Learning


What are the advantages of distance learning? That’s a question we at UK Distance Learning & Publishing get asked all the time, and there are a number of different answers. It must be said that online courses aren’t for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person that enjoys having the freedom to work independently, there are many reasons you should consider UKDLP.

Advantages of Online Learning

Advantages of Distance Learning: Job prospects

One of the hardest things about getting a new job can be finding the time to train for it. If you are currently working, it can be almost impossible to find a night school, or a college that runs weekend classes. By studying via distance learning, you can set your own timetable and deadlines. This gives you the flexibility to work around work and family commitments. Gaining extra qualifications is always a boost to your CV, and showing that you managed to study while also working will demonstrate your time-management skills and determination.


Advantages of Distance Learning: Good fun

This might seem a bit flippant, but it’s an important factor to consider. So many of our students tell us that this was the most valuable part of their experience. In the modern world we spend a huge amount of time looking for ways to entertain ourselves, mostly by playing with gadgets. However, these things can often leave us feeling depressed and bored, as we feel as though we’ve wasted our time. Studying a distance learning course can be genuinely interesting and engaging, and leaves you feeling as though you have accomplished something. It’s a far more productive way to send evenings and weekends than sitting on your phone playing Angry Birds.

Advantages of Distance Learning: Unexpected new skills

When you set out to do an online course in, say Accounting, you might think that all you’ll learn about is accountancy. But, in fact, any distance learning experience always brings with it a set of surprises. As you progress through your course you will learn all kinds of new things that you never expected. The main reason for this is the element of working independently. When you are in a classroom environment, it can be very easy to just follow your teachers blindly, and follow the path they lay out for you. When you study via distance learning, even though you have a tutor, there is more onus on you to go out and do your own research, and to choose the order of subjects you study.

Distance Learning For Skills
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