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Working With Animals


You’ve never seen a cat you haven’t “aww-ed” over, a dog you don’t want to pet, or a horse that you didn’t immediately want to groom – you are, in short, an animal lover, which is far from rare.

However, you want to take things a step further. Rather than simply welcoming a few animals into your home on a domestic basis, you want to take your adoration for all things cute and fluffy and turn it into a professional career in the future. And really, who could blame you? Spending your days caring for animals is hugely exciting and fulfilling, allowing you to enjoy a more flexible working pattern and the ultimate job satisfaction of knowing your work can really make a difference to the animals you love.

Thankfully, it’s now simpler than ever to choose a career that allows you to work with animals thanks to the distance learning courses offered by UK Distance Learning & Publishing. We provide a range of courses that can allow you to gain the knowledge and experience you need to work with animals in the future, all of which can be studied from the comfort of your own home.


Our animal care courses

Our home learning courses are incredibly varied, offering a complete overview of the animal kingdom – from conventional pets such as cats and dogs to more exotic insects and reptiles – to specialist, species-specific courses.


  • Animal Care Level 2a fantastic beginner-friendly all-rounder for those seeking an entry route into a career working with animals, or a dedicated pet owner looking to improve their knowledge of how to provide the best level of care for the pets under their supervision.
  • Animal Care Level 3a more in-depth level of study, equivalent to standard AS levels, that seeks to deepen knowledge of domestic pets, wildlife, animal welfare organisations, and much more besides.
  • Dog Grooming Course – think that you could be the Nicky Clarke of the canine world? Then our dog grooming course is the perfect choice for you. In addition to providing a thorough background in dog grooming techniques and best practice, you’ll also benefit from expert advice conducive to starting your own dog grooming business in future. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to give your pet pooch a fantastic haircut every once in a while, this course is the perfect choice for you.
  • Equine Studies Level 2 – if you’re a keen horse rider, then this course can provide further information on the correct care of horses, breed differences, anatomy, health and safety issues and more. A great choice if you’re hoping to work with horses in future or just wish to expand your knowledge of equine care.
  • Veterinary Support Assistant Level 3a qualification that lends itself well to a future career working in the management of animal healthcare and well-being. This course will give you an understanding of how a Veterinary Practice works including basic anatomy and physiology and health and safety in the practice. It is also suitable for pet owners seeking to increase their understanding of animal care, first aid, and overall healthcare management.


Working with PetsFuture career opportunities working with animals

Our home study courses can be a perfect starter for those looking to work with animals in future, with a variety of potential career options to choose from:


  • Veterinary practice – Our courses are a great starting point for a career working for a vet’s surgery, either as a vet, veterinary assistant, or healthcare specialist.
  • Dog walking – a fantastic on-the-go career opportunity that keeps you on your toes and allows you to interact with a range of different dogs.
  • Pet store – our courses are an excellent choice for those looking to work in animal retail in future, perhaps as a store assistant, manager, or even your own independent store.
  • Boarding kennels / pet sitting – you can spend your days providing the care that pets need while their owners are away, either at kennels or by visiting pets in their own homes.
  • Grooming salon – our Dog Grooming course is the perfect choice for anyone who hopes to spend their working days coiffuring the coats of canines, either by working for an existing company or opening your own business.
  • Horse riding instructor – a natural fit for those embarking on our Equine Studies course, you could qualify as a riding instructor, help to teach the next generation of riders, and interact with – and care for – horses on a daily basis.
  • … and many more besides! Whichever animal-related field you’re hoping to work in in future, our courses are the perfect place to start.

Find out more today

For most young people, the idea of working with animals in their future career is the ultimate dream – and it’s one that can become a reality with our animal care courses. To find out more about one of our courses, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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