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Digital Photography for Hobby or Career

photograph taking a picture

Studying in your spare time is always satisfying. It can lead you to new friends, new experiences, and even new lives. Studying digital photography through our home learning course can bring all those benefits and more.

In an age where we forever forget to look at what’s around us, what could be better than learning digital photography by distance learning? Forget sitting on your phone or losing your head to the latest rubbish on television. Forget even bubble baths and pamper sessions. Simply pick up your camera and learn to be mindful by looking. And capturing, of course.

As well as helping you relax, our home study courses can benefit your life in all manner of ways. And, we’re going to zoom in a little closer on some of them here.


Photography as a hobby

Photography has to be one of the most satisfying hobbies. Even better, you can keep a camera with you no matter where you go. Whether you’re snapping your latest meal for Instagram or capturing natural beauty to hang on your wall, digital photography is a path to satisfying results in less time.

If you feel like life keeps passing you by, digital photography is also a great way to slow things down. Having a visual memory of your best moments can help you remember and hold onto every second. Not to mention that the need to get out can help to make the most of the time that you aren’t at work. And, all it takes is a camera which captures a half-decent image, and some tuition by distance learning on one of our most popular courses.


A side-hustle you can capture

Side hustles are big news in the modern world, and a photography home study course could open side avenues you never knew existed. Once you have a little know-how, you can take all manner of pictures in your spare time and sell them online or at events which suit. That could boost your income and ensure that you’re able to afford a little more luxury each month, all while doing something you love! Some top side hustles you could try after one of our courses include:

  • School portraits
  • Weddings
  • Blogger photography
  • Lifestyle portraiture
  • Stock photos
  • Magazines


How about your career?

You may even find that a distance learning digital photography course boosts your career. If you’re good enough, you might soon be looking at turning those side hustles into full-time undertakings. Even if not, being able to put home study like this on your CV could take you far, with many companies seeking photography for their marketing efforts and more. Whether you end up snapping away for website images or large company billboards, you could soon see yourself securing a promotion or additional earning opportunities. All because you took the distance learning initiative.

If all this sounds like a benefit you could enjoy from behind the camera viewfinder, then contact us on 01539 724622 to find out all about our digital photography courses and more.