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Bookkeeping Level 1 and 2 Diploma

Bookkeeping Level 1 and 2 Diploma
  • bookkeeping-diploma


This course is available in Paper format and Online.


This Bookkeeping distance learning course has been designed for anyone wishing to learn about bookkeeping and is especially valuable for anyone running their own business.


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Bookkeeping Level 1 and 2 Diploma

Course code: BKP02

Delivery method: Paper Based and Online

Course duration: 12 Months

Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed

Award achieved: UK Distance Learning and Publishing Diploma

Awarding body: UK Distance Learning and Publishing

This Course Helps you

  • develop a good level of basic bookkeeping skills
  • prepare for more advanced bookkeeping training
  • acquire the underpinning knowledge needed for Accounting NVQs


Topics Covered

Level 1 Book Keeping

Unit 1 – An introduction to record keeping

  • The importance of keeping accurate financial records
  • The layout of a bank account and its entries
  • Balancing the account

Unit 2 – Further bank account transactions

  • Types of income and expenditure
  • The analysed bank account

Unit 3 – Double Entry Book Keeping – Cash Transactions

  • Basic double entry accounts for bank transactions
  • Further account balancing
  • The trial balance
  • The cash account
  • The capital account
  • Accounting for payroll transactions

Unit 4 – Double Entry Book Keeping – Credit Transactions

  • Credit transactions
  • Developing accounts for customers and suppliers
  • Splitting the Ledger
  • Entering credit transactions into the accounts

Unit 5 – The Calculation of VAT and the development of business documents

  • The  concept of VAT and VAT registered businesses
  • Calculating VAT
  • The production of business documents containing VAT
  • Dealing with trade and cash discounts

Unit 6 – The posting of VAT Transactions to the Ledgers

  • The posting of cash and credit items to the ledger for a VAT registered business
  • VAT Input and  VAT Output accounts
  • The single Vat Account
  • How to calculate VAT exclusive and VAT inclusive amounts

Unit 7 – Day Books

  • Explanation of day books
  • Making entries into the various books
  • Posting day book entries to the relevant accounts in the correct ledger

Level 2 Book Keeping

Unit 1 – Cash Books

  • Two column cash books
  • Revision of cash discount
  • Three column cash book
  • The Petty Cash Book

Unit 2 – Correction of errors

  • Types of errors
  • Correcting the ledgers
  • The suspense account

Unit 3 – Reconciling the accounts

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Control Accounts –  reconciling customer and supplier balances
  • The VAT Return

Unit 4 – Introduction to Final Accounts of a Sole Trader

  • The nature of profit
  • Calculating gross and net profit
  • The Trading, Profit and Loss Account
  • The Balance Sheet

Unit 5 – Adjustments to Final Accounts

  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Depreciation
  • Bad debts and the Provision for Bad Debts
  • Further corrections and adjustments to profits

Unit 6 – End of Year Ledger Entries

  • Closing of the ledger accounts at the year end

Will I need any additional materials?

No other books are necessary for this course.

Qualification Information

On successful completion you will receive a UK Distance Learning and Publishing Diploma.

Method of Study

Paper Based Version

The course comes to you as a paper-based pack delivered by courier.

You will be given guidance through the Study Guide on the nuts and bolts of studying and submitting assignments.

Postal assignments cannot be accepted without prior permission from the tutor.


Online Version

Our online courses are fully digitised versions of the paper-courses, so you can study on any PC or smart device when connected to the internet.

As with the paper course, your online learning programme is completely flexible, so you can study at a pace that suits you.

All of our online course content is broken down into bite size chunks to make your learning more manageable and effective.




Method of Assessment

The course contains a number of assignments which your tutor will mark and give you valuable feedback on. We call these Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs). You need only send the TMAs to your tutor for comment, not the self-assessment exercises which are also part of the course to help you gauge your progress.

Course Length Information

This course can be taken over a 12 month period but you can complete it as fast or as slowly as you wish.

Tutor Support

You will have access to a tutor via email who will mark your work and guide you through the course and will assist you with any problems you may have. In addition you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process.