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Low Price Distance Learning Courses!


UK Distance Learning is having a February sale, so look no further for low price distance learning courses! We have reduced prices across the board, including for our online A-Level courses, which are just £340, down from £395.


Payment Plans

Most of our low price distance learning courses are also available on 6 monthly finance terms. For some courses you only need to pay a deposit as low as £39.99, with the rest of the balance spread equally over 5 monthly Direct Debit payments. To learn more about this option, and to arrange a specific day to begin payments, send an email to enquiries@ukdlp-distance-learning.com

Low Price Distance Learning Courses!

Exam Fees

Most of our low price distance learning courses won’t require you to pay any exam fees at all, as we assess our students mostly through written assignments. There are exceptions to this, such as A Levels and GCSEs. With these courses you will need to book a centre and pay to sit your exams. However, with UKDLP you can gain a discount on your fees by using one of our recommended centres. We have long standing relationships with several centres across the country, and we try to use this to get the best possible deals for our students.


Returning Students

Another way to get the best deal with one of UKDLP’s low cost distance learning courses is to come back for more! We always offer our returning students a discount on their course fees. Usually around 10%. We appreciate that choosing a place to study is a big decision, and we are always grateful when people show their faith in us by coming back to study a new course.

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