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Please read our policy statement on Coronavirus - Covid-19.

Coronavirus – Covid-19

The safety and health of our staff and students is our highest priority at this unprecedented time. Study House is remaining open and we will do everything we can to maintain the levels of service you expect from us. But following government advice all staff are being encouraged to work from home and will be given as much time off as they need to care for themselves and their families. Please read the following advice which we are issuing to all students.

All students:

Please follow all medical advice from the NHS and Public Health England.

We anticipate that delays in the postal system may become inevitable. Wherever possible please send all correspondence, assignments and registration forms electronically to avoid delays.

We will do everything we can to ensure our students are not disadvantaged during this period of uncertainty. If you are required to take time out of your studies due to illness or because of self-isolation please make a note of the dates and we will endeavour to add a suitable extension to the end of your tuition period should you need it.

Students that require a placement to complete their courses:

Our guiding principal is that students should not be disadvantaged time-wise in their studies if they are unable to attend a placement during part of their study period. This has always been the case and continues to be so. If you are prevented from attending because of government or school policy then we will endeavour to ensure that a suitable extension is applied to your study period. If this becomes the case then please keep a note of relevant dates so that we can apply an extension at the end of the normal 12-month period.

If you decide for personal medical/risk reasons that you wish to discontinue your placement then again, we will seek to ensure that an appropriate extension is applied. In this case we would ask that you contact us at the time so that we know you have suspended your studies on medical grounds.

One caveat that we need to highlight is that we can only apply extensions subject to the course and qualification being studied remaining valid and accredited by the awarding organisation and/or Ofqual, the regulator. We are sure that these bodies will review their own policies as health advice becomes more explicit in the weeks ahead but we just want to highlight that this is one aspect over which we do not have any control. The current end date for all of our qualifications is some way off yet so we do not anticipate these affecting students but we will keep this statement and our students updated as we receive notification from our awarding organisations.

UPDATE: Due to the closure of schools an extension equivalent to the length of term time closure will be added upon request to any student that needs it.