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NCFE Certificate in Mental Health Awareness Level 2

- Level 2

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About this course
  • Course Length - 12 Months
  • Award Received - NCFE Certificate in Mental Health Awareness Level 2
  • Course Code: MNH21
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About this course

The Certificate in Mental Health Awareness distance learning course is the ideal programme for individuals looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of mental health issues.

This nationally accredited qualification in Mental Health Awareness home study course is designed to provide individuals with an appreciation and understanding of a number of different mental health issues that may be encountered. The programme covers a wide range of mental health conditions including what their indicating signs, triggers and symptoms may be, how it can affect an individuals ability to cope and function as well as looking at guidance on how to potentially manage and support them with their illness on a day-to-day basis.

Course Description

Upon successful completion you will have achieved a  nationally recognised, QCF listed qualification at Level 2

  • There is no need to formally attend a college, meaning that you can learn in your own time and at a pace that suits you.
  • You will receive a set of high-quality learner support materials that will be yours to keep and use as a reference.
  • You will further your personal and professional development.
  • You will receive support and guidance from a dedicated team of qualified assessors / tutors.
Course Content

This course is split into manageable units. These are:

Part A:

Unit 1: Understanding Mental Health

Part B:

Unit 2: Understanding stress

Unit 3: Understanding anxiety

Unit 4: Understanding phobias

Unit 5: Understanding depression

Unit 6: Understanding post-natal depression

Part C:

Unit 7: Understanding bipolar disorder

Unit 8: Understanding schizophrenia

Unit 9: Understanding dementia

Unit 10: Understanding eating disorders

Unit 11: Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Qualification Information

NCFE is a national Awarding Organisation, passionate about designing, developing and certificating diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards. These qualifications contribute to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals. Last year alone, over 340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools and training organisations chose NCFE as the Awarding Organisation to help them move their careers forward.


Qualification Code 600/6134/0

NCFE Certificate in Mental Health Awareness Level 2

A registration fee of £52.00  is due within four weeks of enrolment if you wish to receive an NCFE certificate on successful completion of your course.

Please note that certificates are issued 3 times per year.

Method Of Study

Our courses are fully digitised so you can study on any smart device. Your learning programme is completely flexible so you can study at a pace that suits you. All our content is broken down into bite size chunks to make your learning more manageable and effective.

Method of Assessment

The course contains a number of assignments which your tutor will mark and give you valuable feedback on. We call these Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs). These can all be taken and submitted online.

Course Length Information

The guided learning hours (GLH) for this course is 130 and you can take the course over a maximum of 12 months. If you do not complete within this time them you will need to re-enrol . Extensions are not allowe

Tutor Support

You will have access to a tutor via email and the student portal who will mark your work, guide you through the course and assist you with any problems you may have. In addition you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process.

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