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October 11th 2013

A Level Chemistry Online Courses

A level Chemistry


A course in chemistry is very much in demand these days. Student who select a home study A Level Chemistry course get prepared for university level course in chemistry. Several careers also become open to them. Chemistry is an integral part of any scientific curriculum.


The course curriculum  is divided into two units. Each of the units is divided into several lessons. The lessons have references to books and websites. The lessons are accompanied with assignments which the students are expected to complete. Each unit has two exams which the student is expected to pass. The only requirement is that the student should possess a GCSE grade C or above.


The main areas of study are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, kinetics, equilibria, and redox. A reasonable advance knowledge of mathematics is preferable. Study material is provided. However the student is expected to do his own research in addition to the material that is provided.


Several home learning courses are available. Some of them last for a year or two. They enable the student to study from home and attempt the exams online. The main expenditure is the registration fees and the course fees. Students with a computer and internet access at home can take the online courses.