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Welcome to the website of UK Distance Learning, the UK’s Premier Distance Learning company. Through one of our Home Study courses, you will have the chance to gain those qualifications or experience you need to make progress in your life. Correspondence courses are the ideal option for those who are not able to attend regular classes either because they have family or job commitments, the centre is too far away or, as is increasingly the case with government cuts, there simply is no longer the course that they want.

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June 23rd 2016

Do I need a particular qualification to work with children?


Do I need a particular qualification to work with children? This is a question we hear a lot at UK Distance Learning & Publishing, and the answer is always a little bit complicat

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June 22nd 2016

How Will Brexit Affect UK Distance Learning & Publishing?


Given that the EU Referendum vote is imminent, we at UK Distance Learning & Publishing were musing on the impact that this might have on our online/home study A-Level courses. In

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Working with Survivors of Rape & Sexual Violence

For many years, rapists and violent sex offenders have permeated society leaving innocent victims emotionally and physically traumatised. The affects and trauma of rape and sexual violence can go right to the very core of a persons existence, it can be likened to a deepening splinter and the more the innocent victim tries to ignore it, the sharper the barbs become and the deeper the splinter goes, taking with it, searing emotional pain. If your work within the helping profession puts you in touch with clients or service users that may have experienced the trauma of rape and/or sexual violence. This brand new Home Study Programme for Working With Survivors of Rape and Sexual Violence may not only be of benefit to your continued professional development but can also help to understand the physical and psychological damage that survivors are often left with.