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Welcome to the website of UK Distance Learning, the UK’s Premier Distance Learning company. Through one of our Home Study courses, you will have the chance to gain those qualifications or experience you need to make progress in your life. Correspondence courses are the ideal option for those who are not able to attend regular classes either because they have family or job commitments, the centre is too far away or, as is increasingly the case with government cuts, there simply is no longer the course that they want.

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September 2nd 2015

A Level Physics

Another day, another brand new A Level course on the horizon. The 2015 specification A Level Physics course is expected to be ready for enrolment sometime this month. Amazingly, for those of us who

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September 2nd 2015

A Level Sociology

Sociology is the latest of UK Distance Learning & Publishing’s new A Level courses to becom

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A Level English Language and Literature 2015

This distance learning A Level English Language and Literature course has been designed to the latest specifications. The first available exam dates for this version of the Pearson Edexcel English Language and Literature A Level are in June 2017. If you want to be fast-tracked and sit your exams in 2016, you can still study the older AQA specification. Click on the following link for further information about this option: A Level English Language and Literature.English Language and Literature is a great 'combination' A Level which allows students to learn about both the literary and linguistic aspects of English. English is considered a core subject, and the skills that students can gain from studying it are highly prized by universities and prospective employers. Critical analysis, creativity, independent research techniques, in-depth reading comprehension: all of these skills are developed and honed through the study of English Language and Literature, and through this Pearson Edexcel A Level course.